Q. – How does the rental process work?

A. – Make a list of items you are looking to find. Give us a call and then e-mail us your list. We will review your list and see what items we have. We will contact you one way or another, to let you know if we do or do not have any of the items (or approximate alternates) on your list. If we have any of the items on your list, we will be happy to make an appointment for you to come by and pick up the items.

Q. – What type of payments do you take?

A. – Cash is always best, but a credit card will do. We occasionally do take checks from reputable production companies, on a case by case basis.

Q. – Is your payment system secure?
A. – Moondrops N Props runs all credit card rentals through Square. No credit card numbers are kept on file.

Q. – What information do you require for credit card payments?

  1. Type of card
  2. Card number
  3. Expiration date
  4. Security code
  5. Full name of the card holder
  6. Zip code of billing address
  7. Phone number connected to the card
  8. E-mail address of the card holder

Q. – When do I pay for the rental?

A. – On the phone prior to pick up or at the time of pick up.

Q. – Do I need a Certificate of Insurance for rentals?

A. – You will need to leave a security deposit for the full value of the items rented. . Cash, Visa, MC, American Express or Discover.

Q. – What if I didn’t use the item, do I still have to pay for it?

A. – If it leaves the shop you must pay for it.

Q. – How long is a typical rental?

A. – Props are rented by the week 1 to 7 days = 1 week. You pay for each week when the rental goes into the 8th day. No rentals are prorated.

Q. – I’m working on a low budget independent feature, will you rent me
stuff for free?

A. – No

Q. – The item was damaged somehow, but we didn’t do it. Do we have to
pay for it?

A. – Prop damages or failure to return are charged at 10 TIMES the rental rate per item. If you must paint or de-construct any item, this must be noted on the rental and will be charged according to the changes. You are completely responsible for the condition of the rental item, regardless of who may or may not have damaged it.

Q. – Do you deliver?

A. – Pick up and deliveries are $75.00 within a 15 miles radius of the shop provided all the merchandise will fit in to a ¾ ton Van. If the order requires a box truck then the cost is the regular trip charge plus the rental of the truck.  Deliveries that are outside of the 25 miles radius are billed by the mile at $1.00 mile.

Q. – Can I pick up my rentals?

A.- Rentals may be picked up and transported by the renter provided the items are not being transported in an open bed truck.